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Naming & Branding

Created and led a branding team of internal and external experts who developed names for de novo programs, designed the look and feel for the brand (logo, colors, graphic elements), and developed tag lines and content that clearly defined the new program. Brand guides for company-wide distribution ensured consistent messaging and visual style.

The Challenge

Treatment companies bring together various programs with different philosophies and operating styles. Branding is often neglected or completely ignored. Many treatment centers use descriptive names (vs. evocative) that are difficult to protect and cannot be clearly differentiated from competitors.  The majority of logos and visual styles do nothing to help the weaknesses in the brand.  The challenge was to get programs excited about identifying and re-invigorating their brand.

The Result

Strong, identifiable brands have a significant advantage over weak brands, especially in the crowded treatment center space. Treatment centers that understand brand (from visual style to customer service to alumni services) get noticed.  Brand is also critical to search engine success.  Brand recognition often results in more authoritative natural links and mentions, which boosts success in Google and other venues.

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Most Recent Branding Project: Skyterra Wellness

Brought together an internationally renowned branding and visual identity team to help Skyterra Wellness develop a fresh identity in the weight loss resort marketing space.  We partner with an innovative and creative branding agency that has fresh ideas that stand out in the market place.

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Evocative Taglines

We specialize in creating taglines that capture the essence of brands.  Some of the taglines we’ve created over the years:

  • Fitness elevated. (Skyterra Wellness Resort)
  • Fit in your life. (nice double meaning – make time for healthy living as well as get fit)
  • Recovery begins with a promises.  (Promises Treatment Centers)
  • Keep your promises.  (Promises Treatment Centers)
  • Change your journey. Change your life.  (Elements Behavioral Health)
  • Summers that change lives. (Wellspring summer weight loss camps)
  • Fill up your census. (Tabitha Digital!  Play on the song lyrics “fill up your senses”)