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Tabitha Digital, led by Vera Appleyard, offers unparalleled experience in reaching one of the toughest consumer groups out there: people overcoming denial and years of substance abuse to make a life-changing decision to get help. Experience in other fields does not transfer well to behavioral health. You may have discovered this already: people who have great resumes in other fields did not move the needle for you. What sets Tabitha Digital apart is our industry-specific experience. We understand the behavioral health consumer. If you are working with someone who doe’t understand the difference between bipolar and borderline how can you expect them to write persuasive content?  If you are ready to invest in the richly rewarding channel of Internet marketing and understand that it isn’t easy and doesn’t happen overnight, we can help. We won’t make empty promises. We have built Internet marketing machines at two of the largest behavioral health companies, delivering hundreds of Internet admits each month once the strategy is fully realized. If you invest in direct-to-consumer channels, you will move ahead of your competitors who are relying on short cuts and cheap tricks. You will have consistent results that you OWN versus relying on the questionable practices of lead generation companies that come and go. We can help you change the trajectory of your business and build an Internet presence that will fill up your census.

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Our goal is to make your competitors wonder: “How can we do what they are doing?”

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We understand behavioral health consumers. We’ve successfully reached millions of them since 2000.

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Visual Storytelling

Authentic images tell a story, evoke emotions, and engage your visitors.

Pictures ARE worth a thousand words.

Are your visitors just moving on to the next website in the search engine results? Does your brand resonate with the behavioral health client enough to overcome their resistance to treatment?

Customer Service

Are you turning your customer on or off? Your census DEPENDS on great customer service.

Census Depends on Customer Service

From that first contact, through the admission, and throughout treatment you are communicating your brand. When are your clients dropping off? At first contact? Five days into treatment?

Responsive Design

Have you looked at your analytics lately? Likely more than half your visitors are viewing your website on a phone.

Looks Amazing

Your website needs to be accessible on as many devices as possible. More than half of treatment center site visits come from mobile devices today. This number will continue to increase.

Get to Know the Leader of Your Expert Team.

Vera Appleyard CEO & Founder

Vera started her own websites back in 1997 and had a natural affinity for Internet marketing. She built the Internet marketing strategy for Aspen Education Group starting in 2000. When Aspen was acquired by CRC Health Group in 2006, Internet accounted for over 40 percent of admissions. Vera took over the Internet marketing department at CRC in 2008. At that time, Internet marketing was responsible for more than 80 percent of all inquiries. She left CRC in 2009 to join the start up Elements Behavioral Health. Over six years she and her talented team of writers, designers, social media experts, analysts, and call center experts increased annual Internet business by 3000 percent.

We Know This Space

Many Internet marketing experts will tell you it doesn’t matter if they have never worked in behavioral health. They will tout experience doing ads for big companies in other fields. Know this: unless they have been converting consumers in a field that requires offline conversions and dramatically life-changing decisions, they have no idea how to reach your clients.

  • Strategy
  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Call Tracking, CRM & Analytics
  • Web Design
  • Paid Search (SEM/PPC)

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