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100 Reasons to Get Sober

This series was developed for Addiction.com.  Produced, wrote many of the scripts, and supervised process to final product.  Each episode addressed a consequence of addiction. Some focused on substance abuse while others covered gambling and other process addictions.

Recipes for Recovery

Simple videos for people in early recovery designed to help them understand healthy eating and learn how to prepare easy meals that will improve their health.

PSA: Drunk Tweeting

This series used actual tweets by intoxicated Twitter users (aka dweets) and served as a wake-up call about the dangerous things people do while drunk.  The humor of using dogs to “read” the tweets let us create a shift in perception when they read the troubling final tweets.

Albert Knows & 2-Minute Miracles

We created a variety of videos for Addiction.com that both educated people seeking help and gave tips to those in early recovery. And a little humor never hurts.