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Project Description

Cassava was the second iteration of a recovery app for our clients and for the general public.   The first app we developed, iPromises, was profiled in Inc Magazine.  There are numerous benefits to develop an app like this, from branding, to linking potential, to building a database of a highly targeted demographic.

Cassava Recovery App

Cassava is a recovery app we developed as a companion app for Addiction.com.  Available for both iPhones and Android devices, Cassava offered personal tracking, daily meditations, and an interactive database of over 150,000 meetings (various 12-step groups as well as non-12-step meetings such as Smart Recovery). 

Daily Questionnaire

We developed the daily questionnaire with top clinicians at Elements. It allows users to rate their success at tracking behaviors that improve their recovery.

Beautiful Interface

The Cassava interface is modern and inviting, but most important, it is user friendly.The focus on UX means those in recovery can easily find the tool most important to them.

Geo-Locate a Meeting

Whether it’s AA, OA, or NA, users can easily locate a meeting where ever they are in the United States. Meeting results list the next one available that is close to the user.

Rate the Meetings

Users can rate meetings based on such things as parking, good for beginners, and even coffee. Users can suggest additions and update current meetings.

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